Classes for Kids

  • Born To Move 2-3 years old

    Join your child in an imaginative exploration of movement to music. In this class the music is specially written for the class and instructions are sung as lyrics. This means you and your child will sing and dance your way through a series of simple moves that build body awareness and balance. The class is led by a highly trained teacher who knows how to coach the best from each child while inspiring a love of movement and having a whole heap of fun.

  • Born To Move 4-5 years old

    These fun-fuelled classes help four and five year olds explore how their bodies work. There’s plenty of opportunity to develop self-awareness, balance, coordination and concentration skills as they interpret music, explore and move to a beat. Each class is led by highly trained teacher who will ensure your child is engaged, active and having a whole heap of fun.

  • Born To Move 6-7 years old

    Focusing on fun rather than formal exercise routines, these classes are the ultimate way to introduce fundamental movement skills. During the classes children move and sing their way through the simple choreography. The moves train body awareness, as well as improve balance, coordination and control. The classes are set to music children love and, as children of this age are primarily visual learners, the highly-trained teacher demonstrates moves that they can easily copy.

  • Born To Move 8-12 years old

    When it comes to learning a whole lot of cool moves from dance, martial arts and yoga this class is the way to go. Each class is jam-packed with cool music and foundation fitness moves and fun games. The highly-trained teachers coach the best from everyone in the class, adapting their approach to match mood and energy levels so everyone ends up feeling great.

  • TeenFit

    During adolescence, sports participate in the balance and vitality. Several studies have shown that athletes teens have a better image of themselves. Conversely, few teens physically active or who are too fat or too thin, are more prone to anxiety or behavioral disorders. It would be a shame considering that the sport adolescence can become a significant discipline. It keeps incomparable virtues (coordination, motor skills), educates to autonomy, respect for rules. TeenFit is the course where teens are! This course allows them to break free from all tensions and above all to have fun!