Club Rules

The Team HF Happy Fitness Ltd is composed of all of the teaching staff (certified instructor LesMills), administrative staff and stakeholders people inside the sports center under the responsibility of the management of Happy Fitness.


  • Access to the club is allowed only in the opening hours of the club.
  • Everyone entering the Club and its premises must respect the infrastructure, equipment and any other third party (team members or visitors).
  • Access to the club is free provided to be fitted with shoes and proper attire.
  • Members should not leave children alone in the club.
  • Members children must stay in the waiting area after their meeting until the arrival of the parents or the person in charge to pick him.
    - If a foreign person must take the child member after a session, the Team HF must be notified in advance and in writing in the member child-related backgrounder.
  • The Club takes no responsibility for the oversight of persons authorized to collect the child member. Before and after the child's member meeting, the responsibility of parents comes into the Happy Fitness center is not responsible.
  • The Club accepts no responsibility with regard to its members and visitors. The club is not obliged to take care of surveillance in the waiting area and therefore is not responsible for the children, or any other members or their safety. In case of breakage or damage, the Club reserves the right to claim compensation for official expenses. Neither the Club nor its employees can not be held responsible for loss, theft or damage of personal property within the walls of its premises.
  • It is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol. It is strictly forbidden to smoke.
  • It is forbidden to consume, to introduce or to trade in narcotics or other doping products in the Club. The Police shall be notified of.
  • Pets are not allowed in the classrooms and in the locker room.


  • It is forbidden to bring dangerous objects Club, valuable jewelry, electronic games, not for any amount of money to the club.
  • The use of mobile phones, music players and other music devices is prohibited in the enclosure classes club rooms.
  • Food and beverages are prohibited in classrooms and hallway.
  • Respect for others: Experience teaches us that life in community can not do without rules Please make the effort to respect and in the interest of all.
  • Conduct and Discipline: Children and adults attending the club have the duty to respect the club's rules of life. Their behavior must be exemplary: politeness - honesty - non-violence - respect for difference - that this Regulation - solidarity ... Failure to comply may result depending on the severity of suspension or expulsion of the member or the member's child .


  • Only resealable containers are allowed in the classrooms.
  • Cell phones are not allowed during the sessions.
  • The jewels are not recommended.
  • Child members and members must wear suitable clothing and sneakers.
  • Street shoes or another are not allowed in the rooms.
  • It is forbidden to eat in the classrooms.
  • It is forbidden to draw or play in the classroom, the waiting area is provided for this purpose.


  • Respect and clean changing rooms is everyone's business.
  • Lockers are available for personal belongings.
  • The member can ask their own padlock.
  • The padlock must be removed at the start of the member, otherwise, they will be cut at the weekend without any compensation.

Happy Fitness club is open:
Monday 14h00-18h00
Tuesday to Friday 9h00-18h00
Saturday 10h00-17h00

The club reserves the right to shut down during the summer holidays for a minimum period of 2 weeks. Members will first be warned by email.


  • Parking is prohibited on numbered seats or fitted with a plate indicating the name of this company in the area of ​​Poplar Street.
  • Parking is allowed for parents accompanying children members on the four (4) parking spaces in front of the club.
  • Incident, the offender will be liable.


  • A medical certificate of good health of the member and / or member of the child must be provided within one month membership to the club. In case of contagious disease, the member and / or child member can not attend the club.
  • A child sick member arriving at the club (fever or other symptoms) will be accepted.
  • In the case of fever or other symptoms, parents will be invited to come and pick up their child as soon as possible.
  • The HF team is not authorized to give medication to children.
  • Parents are required to treat children against lice.
  • In this case, the club reserves the right to refuse children.

Happy Fitness club contracted:

  • A liability insurance that covers members against personal injury and property damage in connection with trainings. Flights, objects losses and damage are not covered.
  • Each member is responsible for what belongs to him. It is therefore highly recommended for families to buy insurance liability / householder.


  • The secretariat is open daily from 9:00 to 17:00 except on Sundays.
  • Members can contact the secretariat by telephone (or email) every day until 17:00
  • All administrative requests may be made by mail or phone.

Using data from members through the club membership:

  • The data reported in the club membership of a member recorded in the computer platform RESAMANIA registration or any other form (paper) may be used for educational purposes by organizational and Team HF, and will in no case disclosed to third parties.
  • In case of change of coordinates or status, members must prevent the club as soon as possible.

The member and the member children are informed of the existence of the internal rules of the Club during the affiliation and took notice. Management has the right to suspend or cancel a subscription or access the Club without any form of compensation where appropriate disrespectful or violated this regulation behavior.

Barbara Stroup