Our team is composed of passionate people with a sports and or educational background.

In order for the children to feel strong enough to be actively involved, they need to feel completely at ease with us, the instructor. They want a strong and benevolent leader. Many factors influence the attitude and success of children. The environment we set up, the emotional comfort we deliver and the quality of our communication have the power to make each child's learning more or less optimal. Instructors have the power to build confidence, or in a few words or wrongly chosen actions, to destroy it. We help children construct a vision of themselves: we treat them as important and capable beings. We are attentive to each child from the moment the first child arrives until the last child is gone.

LES MILLS BORN TO MOVE classes are not performances with a beginning and an end. These are fun learning experiences where the interest we have in children and our willingness to engage them will help significantly increase our chances of making them fall in love with the movement for life. In the heart of BORN TO MOVE there are children, all children! Instructors have received rigorous training and are in continuing education. They are certified by LESMILLS International on the Born to Move programs.

The BORN TO MOVE instructors considers children as important and capable beings.